"I am in the business of creating a life ignited with pleasure, discovery, and transformation" - in complete awe of how beautiful this piece was. Will forever come back to these words.

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Aug 25, 2021Liked by halleta alemu

Very insightful! The freedom of quitting is rarely considered in a positive light and your honest explanation makes it crystal clear it can be one of the simplest and most powerful acts you can take to improve your life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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Sep 21, 2021Liked by halleta alemu

Wonderful! Much needed aspects in this world! So much truth in your words

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"But what is quitting if not walking away from what is not right for you?"

"Most people will not give you career advice that they won’t take themselves. Most people will not tell you to let everything go in pursuit of the uncharted path... If they were to tell you to take the unlit route, they will then have to watch you take it. They will have to experience it second-hand from you. They will have to watch you live the life they were too afraid to endure."

"If you delete something out of your life nature will do its work to have something else take its place. You are surrendering for something to change. You are making room for whatever has been waiting for you."

WHEW my forever favorite piece that I will go back to often.

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